Welcome to Regatron

Leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, programmable, MODULAR Bidirectional Source & Sink high power DC power sources, Regenerative high power DC loads, Full 4-Quadrant AC Grid simulators and Photovoltaic / Solar array power sources for most demanding applications.

Typical applications include tests and simulation of batteries, fuel cells, tests of hybrid and electronic drive trains, plasma surface technology, simulation of the utility grid to test grid-tied inverters and supplies, simulation, substitution of solar panels and solar cells, etc.



Regatron’s TOPCON high power sources are of a modular design. In a cabinet / rack with two or more 20kW or 32 kW units, an error will be displayed if there is a fault in one of the 20kW or 32 kW units, indicating which unit has the problem and what the problem is (e.g. over temperature).

Compared to other conventional systems, a complete cabinet from Regatron does not have to be taken out of service or even returned for repairs because once the faulty module has been removed, the system will continue to operate with less the power of the one defective module (e.g. less 20kW or 32kW).

If the problem with the one unit cannot be eliminated on site, it can be replaced very easily with a spare / replacement unit by personnel with an electrical background in order to avoid a lengthy and costly downtime.