About Us

REGATRON specializes in distinctly different, precisely engineered power supply products and systems with distinct competitive advantages for Science- and Research Institutions, Automotive-, Aircraft-, Aerospace- & Maritime Industries, Governments, Military & Military Contractors, Universities, Information Technology, Automation and General Electronics Sectors in the United Stated & Canada.

The name REGATRON is synonymous with High Quality, High Reliability, Performance and Excellent Customer Service & Support. We have never lost sight of our commitment to personalized customer service and timely responsiveness to customer needs.

We pride ourselves in the relationships we have built over the many years with our customers and look forward to continue our role as a key provider of distinctly different, precisely engineered high precision power supply products and systems.

REGATRON is a well-known name in the power supply products market and industry in the U.S. and Canada, is respected and positioned well within its competitive arena.